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Join or Renew your Alliance membership today.

Your membership will help strengthen the voice and the impact of the Alliance in your community, state and across the nation. Alliance membership focuses on the following:

·        Connect

Belong to the family of medicine. Alliance members offer a wealth of opportunities for developing lifelong friendships and building your network. You will experience firsthand a powerful support system to help you face the unique challenges of life in a medical family.

·        Advocate

Make a difference in your community. Raise money for scholarships and research, stage public health projects in your community, and advocate for     policy change to assure a bright future for medicine. Even if you cannot be active, your membership dues will work to promote good health in your county and state.

·        Educate

Enrich your life. Use Alliance seminars and networking opportunities to build your professional skills in the areas of advocacy, health promotion and leadership.


The NCMS Alliance brings members together to address key issues impacting public health and the future of medicine. The NCMS Alliance also develops and delivers resources that address the unique interests, challenges and concerns of physician families. Your Alliance membership is put to work every day furthering our efforts to implement valuable health education and advocacy programs throughout the year.


Why did I join the medical Alliance?  Hear from our alliance members:

-I originally joined the alliance because my husband's practice paid for it automatically.  I attended a Bunco night and now some of my best friends are from the Alliance!  Alisha

-As a member of NCMSA, I have the opportunity to learn about the healthcare issues facing counties across the state and what steps local Alliance leaders are taking to support the health needs of their communities. Interacting with other Members is a great way to share ideas and consider different perspectives.   Gina

-Joining the Alliance has been a great way to make friends within the medical community.  We have been a great support group to each other over the years and I appreciate the fact that the Alliance pulls together such a diverse group.  Mary

-I first joined the Alliance because my neighbor, Austin, brought a welcome basket on behalf of our local Alliance and ASKED me to join. I joined, of course (that was the thing to do), and then found a whole new network of friends and support. The fulfillment of doing good things with great people has kept me engaged and active in the Alliance ever since that first encounter.   Racheal K

-Joining the Alliance was a wonderful way to make friends and develop a support group with other medical families.  Friendships have lasted a lifetime with lots of fun along the way as we worked together to help our community…  Ann


Join now and begin to enjoy the benefits of belonging to the only state organization representing the family of medicine today!


Membership Committee

Meeti Nigam, VP for Membership Development  nigammeeti@gmail.com 

Deborah Harrell Meehan  dhmeehan@ncmcrealty.com

Susan Edens Hammer  sjehammer@att.net




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