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The North Carolina Medical Society Alliance is proud to support important health promotion efforts in communities across our state.  NCMS Alliance Health Promotion Grants is available to county Alliances and other 501 (c) (3) organizations in North Carolina.

Grant Deadlines:   November 30 and February 28

Grant Application Guidelines

1.     Grants will be considered for projects which promote the development of and participation in programs and projects that address health and health education issues.

2.     Priority will be given to programs and projects that are in compliance with the current goals and health initiatives of the North Carolina Medical Society Alliance (NCMSA).

3.     The project must be completed within one year of receiving the grant.  An evaluation must be submitted to NCMSA within sixty days after completion.  Additional information may be requested from the grantee to determine the status of the program or project.

4.     Grants from the NCMSA are intended to be “seed money” for programs and projects and shall not be used for general operating expenses.

5.     Grants will be made dependent upon the availability of funds.  The grantee must match 25% of grants totaling $500.00 or less.  (An exception may be made for county alliances applying for grant funding for the first time or for county alliances in the process of reorganizing.)  Grants over $500 must be matched 100% by the grantee.  The grantee must identify the source and amount of other donations, including in-kind donations, in the proposed budget for the project.

6.     A project may be resubmitted annually for consideration of funding after submitting an annual report.  Grants made for continuation of a project must be matched 100% by the grantee.

7.     The NCMSA Executive Committee (consisting of President, President-elect, Secretary, Treasurer and Immediate Past President) will review all grant applications.  Written notification will be sent after a full review of the grant request.

8.     If funds are available, grant requests can be considered throughout the year.  Grants over $500 must be approved by the NCMSA Board of Directors.

9.     The NCMSA should be recognized in appropriate publications where other donors or sponsors are recognized.

Apply for your Health Promotions Grant

Recent Grants Awarded:

  • Greater Greensboro Society of Medicine Alliance (Fueling the Mind)
  • Healthy Charlotte Alliance (Community Classroom)
  • Greater Greensboro Society of Medicine Alliance (Mustard See Community Health)
  • Cabarrus County Medical Society Alliance (CHA School Health Program)
  • Mecklenburg Medical Alliance & Endowment (Community Health Classroom)
  • Community Care Clinic of Rowan County, Inc.
  • Caring Community Clinic, Jacksonville, NC (High Five 4 Health)

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