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A day for us to honor the men and women who are there to care for us 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. To be a physician requires not only a dedication to healing but a willingness to make sacrifices and endure significant stress. As patients we are often consumed by what ails us. But today on Doctors' Day 2021, after a horrific year when more than 500,000 people in the United States died of COVD-19 let’s take time to say THANK YOU FOR ALL YOU DO !!

Events Calendar

NCMSA Calendar 2020-2021

Jan. 20  Board of Directors Zoom Meeting – 10AM

Jan. 20  AMA Alliance Awards submission deadline

Feb. 15 Tarheel Tandem Submission Deadline

Feb. 24  Board of Directors Zoom Meeting – 10AM

Feb. 28  NCMSA Grant Application Deadline

Feb. 28  Alliance Health Education Initiative Grant Submission deadline

Mar. 24  Board of Directors Zoom Meeting - 10AM

Mar. 30 Doctor’s Day

Apr. 21  Board of Directors Meeting

May 19 -  NCMSA Annual Meeting - Details coming soon...

No events available.

Past events

June 09, 2019 AMA Alliance Annual Meeting
May 18, 2019 NAMI Walk
April 09, 2019 NCMS Alliance Board Meeting
March 30, 2019 National Doctor's Day
March 10, 2019 Tarheel Tandem Article Submission Deadline


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